As part of your membership you are entitled to five "packed lunch"
plans. We have a library of packed lunch ideas that will fit most tastes.  If
you can't find a packed lunch plan to fit your child, we will build a
custom packed lunch plan for your child at no additional charge.
Many of you have busy, hectic lives.  That being said, packing your child’s
lunch is very important.  You also need to equip them with something to get
them through the day without visiting the snack machine.  Take the extra 15
minutes to put a lunch together for your child.  It doesn’t have to be
complicated, and if your child is old enough you can rely on him or her to do

Below is an actual school lunch menu pulled off the internet.  These aren’t the
three worst days, just the first three consecutive days that came up.

Day 1                                Day 2                                        Day 3
Hamburger                      Chicken Nuggets                   Sub Sandwich
French Fries                   Mashed Potatoes & Gravy    Potato Chips
Lettuce & Pickles           Hot Rolls                                  Lettuce & Tomato
Cho. Chip Cookie           Orange Slices                         Pears
Milk                                  Milk                                          Milk

750 Calories                    950 Calories                           935 Calories

This is a LOT of calories for a youngster who is trying to lose weight and
represents as much as half of their total recommended daily intake of calories.  
We all suspected that school lunches were a problem, but they can totally
derail a healthy eating program, especially when our kids go back for seconds,
or when they get the chocolate milk (even with 2% milk that’s 180 calories for
one cup – more than a canned softdrink).  Then there’s tater tots (259 calories
for a regular size), fruit cocktail (181 calories for one cup), chocolate cake (104
calories), pizza (230 calories per slice), and on and on…

For a child who’s trying to lose weight, or just trying not to gain, this makes it
nearly impossible to succeed.  This should make clear the importance of
packing a healthier lunch.  For example:

1 Turkey & Ham wrap
1 Lowfat Yogurt
1 Butter Toffee rice cake
1 Apple
8 oz. Powerade

That’s a LOT of food, and only 445 calories.  You can do even better using
yogurt with Splenda, or drinks with no calories, but we wanted to give you an
example that used no artificial sweeteners.

Over a one week period, packing your child’s lunch can save over 2,000
calories – more than one whole day’s worth of food for most kids.  So, you can
see the importance of packing a lunch for your child.
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