Since 2004
- 4 weeks of pre-built (not custom) meal
from our library of thousands of
The meal plans can be rotated
(you won't need to buy more).  We will
give you guidance, answer your

questions, and help you make these
meal plans work for your child.  Our
on-line resources also include a full
listing of substitutes so you can create
additional varie
ty.  No special or
expensive foods are necessary.

On-line version of the 45Pounds
Healthy Eating
Cookbook with over 150
recipes the entire family will enjoy.  You
will have on-line access to the recipes
(not a printed copy).

- On-Line Program book with chapters like:
- How do I motivate my child to lose weight?
- The myth of "light" foods.
- The truth about low-carb eating.
- How bad are school lunches?
- How bad is fast food...really?
and more...

- Fast customer support by e-mail,
including access to a
nutrition specialist
who can answer your questions

- Parent/Child contract

- Free links to helpful websites

- 12 Months Web Access

- Monthly

- Packed Lunch Plan

Your Starter program includes:
$19.95 one-time
(not monthly)

This is test pricing which
may change at any time.
We are available to
answer your questions:
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