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Fast Food / Exercise Motivation / Sneaky Calories



By Mark Daniel



Welcome to the August newsletter for 45Pounds.com.  It is our goal to provide you with helpful tips and advice in your efforts to help your child attain or maintain a healthy weight.


This month we have an article that outlines the real issues with fast food.  Take a look!


What motivates children to exercise?  This month Ian Baker, Fitness Trainer and National Presenter give us his advice on motivating your child to exercise and get fit.


I thought avocados were a healthy food!  Where else could excess calories be sneaking there way into your child's diet?  Our third full article helps answer this question and gives you a great link to do some research on your own.


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We hope you find some helpful tips in this month's newsletter.  Time to get to the good stuff -



How Bad is Fast Food…Really?

By Lisa Daniel

Certified Kid’s Nutrition Specialist



For moderately active girls between the ages of 9 and 13, the estimated daily calorie requirement is 1,600 to 2,000.  For boys of the same age this range is 1,800 to 2,200.  For sedentary children, use the lower number in each case.  (Source: Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 6th ed. USDA and HHS, 2005).


So let's talk about fast food.  I don't want to exaggerate, so let's just go with a regular hamburger, medium Coke, and medium fries from McDonald's.  That's 820 calories.  Okay, so let's go bigger and have a cheeseburger, large Coke, large fries.  That's about 1,140 calories.  Let's go to Burger King instead and have a chicken whopper, medium fries, medium Coke.  1,130 calories.  KFC for a two piece dark meat with potato wedges and a medium Pepsi.  That's 940 calories.  How about two slices of pizza and a coke?  About 800 calories (if they stop at two slices…)


The point here is that even a ''modest'' meal at a fast food joint can load your child up with 50% - 60% of the calories they need for the entire day.  Consistently going over these recommended calorie levels means your child will gain weight.  Staying within the ideal range means your child will maintain his or her weight.  To lose weight, it's important to find healthy choices that keep them slightly below these calorie levels.


There are healthy choices at some fast food restaurants - but don't be fooled by labels or marketing.  Do your research - check the nutrition chart on-line (members can find links to many of these charts in the member section).  Chicken sandwiches, even the grilled ones, aren't always a healthy choice (I found one with 570 calories - and that was grilled chicken, not fried).  What about that fruit & yogurt parfait?  More calories than a ''small'' Coke.  That taco salad?  630 calories.  Just because it sounds healthy doesn't mean that it is.  The words ''fruit'' and ''salad'' and ''chicken'' may sound low calorie, but often they are prepared in ways that they pack on the calories.


If your child is overweight, it's best to avoid fast food - it's that simple.  Time constraints may make it tough, but the health of your child must take precedence over busy schedules.  There are plenty of healthy meals that don't take much time to prepare, and you don't have to be an award winning chef to prepare them.  Most of our kids on the program lose weight while eating, for example, oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast, wraps or pitas for lunch, and spaghetti or grilled cheese for dinner.  If you are not a member, join today and we will build a custom meal plan that's right for your child - and easy to prepare.  These meal plans include three meals and three snacks every day.  If we don't get it right the first time, we'll do it over.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to help your child eat healthy and lose weight.  With custom meal plan options starting at just $25 - it's a smart choice.




What Motivates Children to Exercise

By Ian Baker

Fitness Trainer and National Presenter, www.bpmactive.co.uk


Hi, I hope this article finds you well.  A special hello to all those of you who have received your exercise plans from me, I hope they are going well and you are reaping the benefits that an active life can bring you.


Making the Kids Fitness Video Clips was fantastic fun and I hope you are all enjoying them too.


For this article I will help identify the factors that motivate children and how we as parents can influence their take up and maintenance of an active lifestyle.


·      Enjoyment and Fun - Although this is an obvious motivation it differs from child to child.  If they are having fun and enjoying the activity, they are more likely to do it and continue in the future.


·      They perceive themselves as good at a particular sport or activity - Children will be more motivated if they feel that they have accomplished a skill or gained an ability to achieve a goal, no matter how big! Even the smallest of successes can bring the greatest rewards!  Studies have shown this to be higher in boys than in girls.


·      Encouragement from parents, coaches and friends - This has a huge effect on children's motivation, but it has to be the right kind of encouragement.  Praise and encouragement is a win-win situation, and you can never give too much positive reinforcement to your child.


·      Feeling Fitter - When children feel in 'good shape' this motivates them to continue.  Studies have shown this to be higher in girls than in boys.


·      Making new friends, Being part of team, socializing and having a sense of belonging can a dramatic effect on motivation as well as retaining interest and enthusiasm in a given activity.  They may even start or continue a new activity because their friends do it too.


·      Active and healthy family life - This cannot be underestimated and I believe to be a key motivation factor.  Having an active and healthy home life with parents participating in their own physical activity on a regular basis, can have a positive effect on the way children behave.  If children see their parents making healthy choices and engaging in physical activity, then they are more likely to respond positively to it themselves. 


Play with your child, take an interest in what they are doing, or ask them to teach you some new sporting skills, give positive praise and have fun together.  Make the right choices for you and your child and involve other family members and friends in being active together.


Good luck and have fun!




Reward Systems Are Important


Setting goals with rewards is a very important part of a weight loss program for your child, or even for yourself.  Just remember one rule, the reward should never be food.  New clothes, entertainment, even cash are some of the items our members have used successfully in the past.  Remember to encourage your child with positive words and reinforcement when goals are met or progress is made.  A well designed reward system is important to building a successful weight loss program.



Are Avocados Bad for You?

By Lisa Daniel

Certified Kid’s Nutrition Specialist



While avocados are a good source of potassium and iron, they aren't the best choice of food for someone trying to lose a few pounds.  One medium sized avocado contains 275 calories (the same as a Snickers candy-bar).  About 75% of the calories in avocados come from fat.


We don't mean to slight the normally healthy avocado.  The point is simply that this is one example of the kind of food that slips innocently into our diets, adding unknown calories while we fret and wonder what we did wrong, why there was no progress in our effort to get to a healthy weight.


There are kinds of foods we think should be ''healthy'' - but which arre loaded with these ''sneaky calories.''  Even healthy foods that aren't loaded with calories (like carrots - 52 calories per serving) can become loaded with ''sneaky calories'' if not prepared correctly (like cooked in or topped with butter - around 100 calories per serving).  And be sure to watch those salads - it's not what you put in them as much as what you put on them.  In them - skip the cheese (170 calories), bacon bits (140 calories), and eggs (78 calories).  Stick with just the veggies.  On them - skip the blue cheese (139 calories for just two tablespoons), thousand island (135 calories), and ranch (117 calories).  Try the light Italian (32 calories) or even fat free honey Dijon (50 Calories).  Don't be fooled by the ''low fat'' or ''fat free'' labels - always check the calories.


http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/browse.php is a great link that let's you enter all kinds of foods and will return their nutrition information to you.  It's important to understand these caloric values to help isolate the ''sneaky calories'' in our diets.



Program Success

By Sydney, Age 10

Member - Fresno, CA


My name is Sydney and I am 10 years old and am in the 5th grade.  This past summer my grandpa told me I was fat.  This was actually the second time he said that to me.  It made me so sad - I felt awful and cried for 3 days.  My mom asked me if I thought what he said was true and I hated to admit it but I also thought I was fat.  My mom promised to help me.  She found 45Pounds and started me on the program.  I was afraid I'd never eat again, well that is the opposite of what happened.  I have never eaten more and I have lost weight.  I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks and 5 inches in my waist and 3 inches in my hips.  I look so good and feel great about myself.  -- it isn't a diet, it is healthy eating.  All my friends have noticed and my friends are jealous because I get to bring more food in my lunch pail than they do.  My best friend wants to go on the program so she can eat like me - she doesn't even need to lose weight!  My favorite food is the waffles in the morning - the baked potatoes with sour cream at night and the fact I get dessert every night but, most of all I love who I see in the mirror.  Thank you 45Pounds you have changed my life and I will always remember how to eat healthy.




Program Update

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