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Good Food / Bad Food



Mark Daniel



Welcome to the December newsletter for 45Pounds. It is our goal to provide you with helpful tips and advice in your efforts to help your child or yourself attain or maintain a healthy weight.


This month we have an article with tips to help your child eat healthy starting today. We also have an article on the dangers of low-carb eating for kids - it's a good article with some helpful links to help you research this important topic.  For holiday eating tips, see our November newsletter here


As always, please feel free to write us with any comments or questions.


We hope you find some helpful tips in this month's newsletter. Time to get to the good stuff -



Help Your Child Get Healthy Today

Lisa Daniel

Certified Kid's Nutrition Specialist



There's no time like the present.


We are coming up on the time for New Year's resolutions, and a good one would be to save your child from the health risks of being overweight. You can do it, you just have to decide that it's what you want to do, then take the steps to make it happen!


Resolution #1 – NO MORE FAST FOOD

Yes, it's fast and easy, but it's also the main reason our kids are getting fat. All that fat and cholesterol pouring through their young systems can do nothing but hurt their health. It really doesn't take too much more time and effort to throw together a quick and healthy meal. There is nothing on the menu at McDonald's or Burger King that isn't just packed with the fat and calories. Read more here.



If you’re going to eat healthy you must plan to eat healthy. Sit down and plan your meals for the week, you can do it in about an hour on a Saturday afternoon. Use the plan to build a shopping list. If you need help building a truly healthy meal plan, that's what I'm here for. As a Certified Kid's Nutrition Specialist I can help you build a healthy meal plan that is easy to follow, has plenty of food, and will help your child get to a healthy weight. 


Resolution #3 – PACK THAT LUNCH

School lunches are a serious problem. You can read more on the topic at http://45pounds.com/mealplanpacked.html Take the extra 15 minutes to help your child pack a healthy lunch. Don’t forget there’s a whole section in our on-line cookbook with packed lunch ideas.


Resolution #4 – READ THE LABEL

Make it a habit to read the labels of the foods you buy, and pay special attention to the calories per serving. You will be surprised how many “low fat” and “low carb” foods can still supply enough calories to really overload your child's system! Read more here.


Resolution #5 – WRITE IT DOWN

Still not making progress? Write down everything your child eats for a week. Pretty soon you will see where those extra calories are sneaking in.


There are plenty more steps, but these five should be a good start. For more details on how to get your child to a healthy weight read our program book “Helping Your Child Lose Weight and Eat Healthy” which is available in the member area of our website.



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The Truth about Low Carb Eating

By Mark Daniel



Members – you have seen this already since it is an excerpt from the book. However, it should be a good reminder of one of the traps awaiting us and our children when trying to eat healthy.


As you know by now, you are not counting calories on this program. You are also definitely not counting carbs. This program is about balance, and counting carbs can lead to some very serious, imbalanced, unsafe eating for your child.


The Atkins®-Friendly Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap at Subway has only 8 net carbs*. However, it also has 440 calories and 90mg of cholesterol. The Atkins®-Friendly Turkey Bacon Melt has 11 net carbs*, but 430 calories and 65mg of cholesterol. By comparison, a Big Mac® has 510 calories and 75mg of cholesterol (less cholesterol than the ''Chicken Bacon Ranch'' from Subway). *Net carbohydrate = total carbohydrate-dietary fiber. (By the way, there are some excellent choices at Subway for this program. Sometimes we will eat there two or three times a day when we're on a road trip).


There are folks out there who are die-hard carb counters who will dispute any negative health risks and cling to their program as if it were a religion. My point is that a low carb diet does not typically provide the nutrition and healthy eating your child's body needs, and it can load her up with unhealthy high-fat and high-cholesterol choices.


Your child's body is an engine that needs a balance of fuels. Any program that concentrates on one food type or group, or excludes entire categories of foods denies her body the balance it needs.


So back to the labels – just because it says ''Low Carb'' on the label doesn't mean that it's low in calories, or that it's particularly healthy. Most of the time it just means another food company is trying to cash in on a low carb diet fad. Don't ignore low carb foods either. Just ignore the low carb label and read the nutrition information. One of our members' favorite meals on this program is a sandwich made like a wrap using low-carb tortillas. Most of the low carb tortillas are tasty and much lower in calories than ''standard'' tortillas.


The point? Eat balanced. Eat healthy.





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