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It is important you use the correct “frame size.”  Most of us are medium framed.  
A quick way to tell is to have your child grab his left wrist with his right hand.  If
his fingers touch, but don’t overlap, he is medium framed.  If his fingers don't
touch, he is large framed.  If his fingers overlap, he is small framed.
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What is your child's ideal weight range?
To be truly healthy and avoid potential health problems, your child should
weigh no more than the
maximum weight listed in the chart below.  We can
help at www.45pounds.com

These numbers are based on standard body mass index charts.  The reality is
that every child is different, and a truly healthy weight goal should be
something agreed upon by you, your child, and your doctor.

We can help you coach your child to a healthy weight range with a custom
meal plan designed specifically for your child based on his or her dietary
needs and food preferences (all custom meal plans are individually reviewed
and approved by our in-house Certified Kid's Nutrition Specialist).

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