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Welcome to the October newsletter for 45Pounds. It is our goal to provide you with helpful tips and advice in your efforts to help your child attain or maintain a healthy weight.


Will Halloween candy put a dent in your child's attempt to get to a healthy weight? Read our first article for some ideas to help your child maintain a healthy eating regiment through this candy filled holiday.


You will hear from Mackenzie and her mom on how the program worked for Mackenzie. Good stuff – be sure to read it to your own child.


Ian Baker from BPM Active has written an article on establishing and maintaining an active lifestyle for this month's newsletter. We think you will find it helpful.


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We hope you find some helpful tips in this month's newsletter. Time to get to the good stuff -



Halloween Tips

From www.45pounds.com


Halloween can be a fun time of dress up, spend time with the family, and enjoy the excitement of trick-or-treating. But then what? What happens when our kids haul in a bag, sack, or pillow-case with 35 pounds of candy?


We certainly don't want to deprive our kids of the Halloween experience, but if our kids are at an unhealthy weight then some kind of alternative plan is in order. Why? While it varies from town to town, the average Halloween haul can range anywhere from 3,500 to 7,000 calories (even more for a really big night). So what's a parent to do?


The answer is, of course, moderation. It's obvious we can't take our child out trick-or-treating, then throw the candy out when we get home. But we should take some steps to minimize the impact of all those calories.


Whatever your final solution you should take control of candy distribution. Know what and how much your child is consuming. Keep in mind that the average mini-candy-bar has about 72 calories all by itself (program members, each two-pieces count as 1 1/2 starches).


Figure out a plan which minimizes the impact of the extra calories. Do NOT offer an exercise exchange program. It doesn't work. It takes about 15 minutes of moderate exercise to work off one ''fun size'' Snickers bar (that's a full hour to work off four of them). Here are some guidelines which might help:


-          No candy before a meal. Your child is already hungry and will eat much more than he or she would after a healthy meal.

-          Offer a food exchange program. One piece of candy per day for each healthy fruit or vegetable eaten (with limits, of course).

-          Candy counts as starch, so cut back on starchy foods (breads, pasta, potatoes) while the candy lasts.

-          Set a cutoff date. After three days, one week, whatever seems fair - no more Halloween candy.


Some other ideas:

-          Buy the candy from your child. Tell them before they go out that since you are trying to help them eat healthy you will pay them a nickel (dime, penny, whatever works) for each piece of candy. This won't work for everyone, but will work for some.

-          Set a specific limit - two pieces per day, maybe three. Stick with a final cutoff date.

-          Have your own Halloween party night with scary movies and family involvement. Provide healthy food alternatives and snacks. Many kids will want to trick-or-treat, but some would prefer to have an evening with Mom and Dad playing games and spending time together.

-          Buy some small gifts like rings, beads, things you can buy at the dollar store. Let them buy these things from you with pieces of candy.


These are just a few ideas. If it's important to control your child's intake of these foods, sit down and discuss these ideas with your child, or come up with some of your own ideas as a team. A ten minute discussion with your child can help remove thousands of calories from his or her diet in the days following Halloween.



Kids' Corner

Program Success!

By Mackenzie (Age 9) and Mom (Chris)

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY


This month we wanted to share some words of encouragement from one of our program members. Please share this with your child; it can really help in his or her struggle to get to a healthy weight.


Hi, my name is Mackenzie and I am 9 years old. I started the diet April 1st because I was overweight and having trouble running in soccer. My Mom and I discussed it and decided to try the 45Pounds program. I have done really great on it and since April, I have lost 20 pounds. It wasn't always easy. At first it was very hard to eat different foods than my friends. But after awhile, kids thought my food was kind of cool and so did I. I pay attention to calories and make sure that I eat a balanced meal every day. I eat 100 calorie packs and fruits and vegetables instead of chips and cookies.


My family really supports me and helped me at first with food choices. Now I can pretty much pick my own food because I know what's good for me and what's not. I just hit my goal weight and am very, very happy about it. All of those things that I used to have trouble doing, like running, jumping and roller-skating are much easier. I have a lot more energy now and can do all the things that my friends can do. I'm so happy that my mom joined 45Pounds for me.


My mom and I just went school shopping and I was able to get a lot of new clothes that I couldn't wear before. A lot of kids now ask me how I lost all of the weight. I explain the program to them and my mom gives their moms the website. I try to encourage them to believe that they can do it and I believe you can do it too!


Hello, my name is Chris and I am ecstatic to say that my daughter Mackenzie has lost 20 pounds. Mackenzie and I struggled for a long time with her weight. Although she was confident in herself, she was always held back from doing things because her weight and size would get in the way. It was often difficult to find age appropriate, "cool" clothes. I would shop at JCPenney in the children's Plus size area, which would have very limited items.


I was very devastated that such a vibrant, pretty little girl was being held back by something that I had control over. I felt it my duty as a parent to help her and was going to do everything in my power to make it happen. Every year at her annual physical, I would ask my pediatrician for advice and help to assist in getting Mackenzie on the right track. Their advice consistently was to watch what she ate. But watching what your child eats and actually knowing what a balanced diet is are two total things. Of which the latter, I had no clue.


I would spend hours online searching for websites pertaining to childhood obesity, overweight children, children and diets, etc. After months of searching and being at my wits end, finally I fell onto 45Pounds. After speaking to Lisa, she comforted me and took the time to explain the program to me. Mackenzie and I discussed it and decided that we would give it a try. And as you can see from her excerpt, she has hit her goal of 20 pounds lost. She is a true inspiration for many people we know. Although she was always confident and vibrant, she is like a different child. She is even more confident than before and where she used to be very cautious in trying new things, she is the first to do it now.


Many parents often ask me how I did it. My response is always the same...with Mackenzie's will power and the help of 45Pounds. I didn't do anything but give Mackenzie the right tool to get back on track. I really could not have done it without the help of the Daniels' and 45Pounds. As a matter of fact, we visited the pediatrician recently who hasn't seen Mackenzie in a few months. She was shocked and genuinely proud of Mackenzie and her success with the weight loss. She even asked me about the plan.


I wish every one of you who are struggling with your child the best of luck. Stick with it, it gets easier. I know it sounds cliché, but if we could do it, so can you!



Exercise - 1 Leg of the Table!

Ian Baker

Fitness Trainer and National Presenter



Hi to you all, this article comes to you from a very cold and wet England! My name is Ian Baker and I'm honoured to have the opportunity of writing to you.


My main message is the importance of establishing and maintaining an active lifestyle. I am a parent myself who is fully aware of the barriers that both adults and children come up against when faced with physical activity. Through years of working with children, and by training fitness instructors and school teachers, I have gained valuable knowledge, skills and ideas for creating and sustaining exercise programmes as part of a holistic approach to a healthier and more active life.


Just to get things started and to raise the importance of a well-balanced life, I like using this simple following analogy. Imagine a table: strong, stable and able to withstand the pressures of day-to-day use… Each leg of the table represents an important factor for a balanced, long lasting and healthy lifestyle. These would be: an adequate, sensible diet and nutrition; a suitable level of physical activity; rest and relaxation; and a positive mental attitude. If any one of these factors are unstable, lacking, or even non-existent, then you can be pretty sure your particular table will be wobbly and indeed may fall completely!


Getting the balance right for ourselves, let alone for our children, is not an easy task. We all have issues in our lives to deal with, such as time constraints to work within, but we must make sure that we help our children overcome challenges like this and prevent barriers building up which will stop them achieving their goals.


My skills and knowledge lay with the leg that represents physical activity and I hope to write to you again, giving you some thoughts to make your child's table as strong as it possibly can be!



Program Update

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